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Hi followers and NEW PEOPLE HOORAY!

Friday was my 25th birthday and my fahbulous boyfriend took me to an authentic 1940's holiday BALL! Doesn't that just sound fantastic? World War II airplanes, a White Christmas movie set, cigarette girls, everything to make it feel like you stepped back in time.  Of course, the fashion (and dancing!) was my favorite part.  People get REALLY into being historically accurate, so I was just enamored by all the taffeta, crinolines and JEWELS!

My dress was a 1942 raspberry gown, found in perfect condition.  I wore my grandmama's iridescent necklace and matching bracelet, and some seed-crystal earrings that were hers as well.  My heels were late 1940 too! 

My hair was done in the classic Rita Hayworth updo of the times...and it was probably the most complimented part of my ensemble of the entire evening!

I even did my nails in the rounded tip, red nail polish style of the '40s!

AND OF COURSE I couldn't let my dapper darling be in non-period clothing!  We found him a dark navy tuxedo from 1943.  The lapels and satin detailing were black, a contrast I absolutely ADORE.  His outfit was complete with a black bowtie (also vintage) and a very classic hairstyle.

This entire experience inspired me to start collecting (read: buying) ONLY vintage and antique clothing and accessories.  That's right, internet, from now on, I won't be purchasing anything from 1975-present.  If I do, call me out!  I think this will be a fun and VERY rewarding challenge.

Tell me about YOUR vintage pieces in your wardrobe! Are they found pieces? Did you get them from your grandmother?  Every old piece has a story and I'd love to hear yours!


Katie Finlay on December 10, 2012 at 3:25 PM said...

I tend to wear vintage everyday. Though for you just starting out wearing vintage, I recommend buying a few modern pieces in a vintage style. Bettie Page has some amazing dresses and they usually feel safer to wear because they are not as fragile as an authentic vintage garment. Good luck though, I hope to see more posts about what you find! xx

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